Thursday, 14 May 2009

Water: This represents purity, washing away, covering up. Water washes away blood and covers up a crime. It is also a symbol of live as we need water to live so has strong meaning in a thriller.

Hands: Hands are what commit the crime, and so are important in a thriller. For example in 'When a stranger calls' hands are needed to dial a phone number. In 'The number 23' hands are needed to commit murder.

Weapons: This is a thriller convention because weapons are used to hurt people, we know that if a weapon is involved a murder will happen. The difference between a thriller and horror is that we know who the murderer is in a horror, we are left in suspense in a thriller.

Extreme close up shot: This shot is usually used for eyes, which are also a typical thriller conventions. An extreme close up shows even more detail than a close up. 

Establishing shot: This is also used in a thriller, usually in the opening sequence to establish the setting, which is usually an isolated place. 

Close up camera shot: This is a typical shot used in thriller films as it exaggerates small details, such as facial expressions. 

This film also received 5 stars, and was a suspense thriller. It was not a long film, only 85 minutes, however this is an advantage to the film as it was full of suspense and fast pace editing, however not too fast or it would have been difficult to follow. The story unravels until it reaches a climax when we know what is happening and all that's left is to see if the people survive. The setting is typical thriller as it is set 'in the middle of no where', suggesting the budget was quite low as there are no well known actors, also there is just one setting.